What's that you say? A Mutt Grand Tourer Super Single?

Do people really go touring on small cc bikes? Hell yeh! We've got customers who have ridden our bikes all over the place, London to across Europe and back again and the GT-SS is the latest Mutt with longer distance riding in mind... saying that if you just wanna ride your GT-SS down to the pub and have a bit of a pose then that's cool too baby.

So, what were we thinking?

The idea is simple, take one of our heavy hitting industrial strength Mutts and send him to a gentleman's class to learn a little about courteous conduct and give him the tools required for longer road use.

The first step is a bigger tank. For sure our regular tank is plenty big enough, but the GT-SS boasts a whopping 17 litre tank specifically designed for this bike and the Mutt Mastiff. As with all our bikes we wanted to retain the classic Brit bike lines, and this is no exception. We spent a lot of time making sure the new bigger tank blended in with the classic line of a Mutt.

Topped off with a beautiful chrome Monza style cap the new bigger tank not only looks just peachy but it also means you won't have to stop for gas for a long, long ride.

Rubber side down

The GT-SS is designed with longer, smoother rides in mind so we chose a classic yet road friendly tyre that wrapped around a chrome 18" wheel which helps this little thumper effortlessly handle the road ahead.

Continuing the retro British style, we opted for chrome wheels, satin finished aluminium mudguards, chrome headlight, polished speedometer, and satin finished LED indicators. To steer you in the right direction we went for a set of our satin grey custom bars... because we do love a little custom stuff here at Mutt.


Look closer and you'll see some super neat little details on the GT-SS, we've got those super cool machined LED indicators, CNC machined headlight brackets, satin finished aluminium  fork caps and head stem nut and those sharp as you like  black anodised handlebar clamps.

To accentuate that new mile munching tank, we went for a retro gloss black and off white paint scheme, that paint scheme continues down on to the high gloss black side panels. Classic black grips match the beautiful, contoured black seat which is hand finished and specific to the GT-SS.

Setting you apart from the Riff Raff

To continue with the custom vibe on the bike and you'll see a our raw satin finished stainless steel exhaust system and if you haven’t heard it yet, go check one out and start it up, that's what gives any Mutt bike it's unique low thumping exhaust note.

We've also got a new heavy duty aluminium sump guard on there,  oh and you'll also see we have some funky little  CNC valve covers reminiscent of 1970's British bikes and a new CNC machined oil filler cap on there too, these details and quality are what elevates you Mutt well above the riff raff (These details are not on these prototype photos so check out this puppy in the flesh at your local dealer).

Heading to the rear we have a matching chrome 18" rear wheel and tyre, chrome shocks, chrome grab rails, a shortened brushed aluminium mudguard and of course our tidy little Aluminium LED tail light.

So, if you have a little bit more of a refined taste then the Mutt GT-SS is the perfect bike for longer cruising, city hacking or indeed a burn up on the country roads.


All new Mutt’s have few little subtle upgrades that you may not notice at first but take a closer look and you'll see some nifty little touches you won't see on other bikes.

First off, we have new LED indicators hewn from a solid block of aluminium by the process of CNC and mounted on a machined stainless steel arm. We’ve also now got machined aluminium headlight brackets too, that set up makes for a pretty tidy front end.

Moving back a bit we get to the handlebar clamps, we now have fully CNC'd clamps coated in a super durable hard anodised black finish.

As always with Mutt Motorcycles we use the skills we learned building one off custom motorcycles and machined aluminium is one of those cool processes that gives a motorcycle a true custom look. Machined fork caps and head stem nut, once again coated in a beautiful anodised finish, combined with the new speedometer surround this provides a beautifully finished view when glancing down at your speed.

One of our favourite new touches requires a bit more scrutiny, kneel down and take a look at the motor, we have a new CNC oil filter cap but look a little closer and you'll see some new machined valve covers on top of the engine reminiscent of 60's and 70's Brit bikes. That’s a little detail not everyone sees straight away but we like it.


Weight (Dry) 130kg
Seat height 780mm
Engine: fuel injected 4-stroke single cylinder
Displacement 250cc
Max power 21hp
Max torque 18Nm
Transmission 5 speed manual
Top speed 80mph
Fuel tank 17L - 15L recommended fuel capacity

Warranty 2 years
Custom gloss black and white tank
Bespoke black seat
Aluminium mudguards in brushed finish
Wide 4.00x18 tyres
Chrome 18” wheels with
Silver tracker bars
Mini speedo
Custom built stainless steel exhaust in brushed finish
Silver Sump Guard

Black diamond pattern grips
LED custom tail light
LED bullet indicators
Chrome custom shocks
Combined disc brake system
Halogen headlight
EU4 compliant
Sealed battery
O-Ring chain
NGK Spark plug caps and HT leads

*specifications may vary as upgrades are introduced

Sat in our classic twin shock tube frame the bullet proof GN engine is fuel injected for extra poke and of course this Mutt has a 5-speed box, neutral indicator, electric start and everything else you would expect to find on the controls of a modern bike.

PRICE: £4,250 + OTR


We don’t cut any corners at Mutt, and every bike that leaves our shop is subject to rigourous quality checks. But we understand that sometimes even the best of us get caught short. So we’re including 12 months free AA cover with every new Mutt Motorcycle.

Get out there and have fun - We’ve got your back.


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