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Queen Of Extreme: Steph Bolam

When it comes to a true extreme sports lover, you’ll be hard-pushed to find someone stronger than this. From Arctic expeditions to rock climbing and dirt biking, Steph Bolam takes the game up a few notches and we had to get ourselves in the know on her latest projects and what’s on the horizon for her.

Steph is lucky enough to own a relatively early Mutt and using it to the max would be an understatement! She pushes limits in life and that continues over to her Motorcycling: “She’s a 2014 and was my first ever road bike. Perfect for riding around London.” Mutt lovers using their bikes for beating city traffic and going point to point above ground is pretty popular - avoiding those Tube rushes and nipping around the city streets just makes sense.

She’s a member of the VC Collective - a group of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts who show their love for life on 2 wheels. “VC is a great group of girls who just want to get out and ride bikes. They are super encouraging to anyone who wants to ride a bike, male and female. Obviously, the bike world is very male-dominated so they created a very welcoming and chilled space in the industry for women. But when we go out at the weekends. Riding, it’s for both men and women. They host a great weekend for women every year in Wales, where you can learn to ride enduro, trials and even a bike for the first time. And party in the evening.”

Steph has also founded her own clothing brand Filthy Cute LDN, with a group of core values that all add up to a brilliant brand ethos. “I just wanted to create something that I really wanted to wear, Something fun with awesome artwork that was bloody comfy and a bit naughty. It was very important that the brand be sustainable because surely there is no point in this day and age with it not being.” She’s certainly not focused on only one area, with a desire to push boundaries across the creative field.

With a Sideburn Magazine cover earlier in the year as a personal highlight, Steph is constantly moving and creating in the motorcycling world. “Yeah, Sideburn is an awesome magazine. I subscribed to it long before I even tried flat tracking just because it was full of such cool bikes. I was super happy with the shoot, the photographer and art direction was really cool. And the bike is a mega babe!”

With dirt biking held close to her heart, Steph always jumps at the chance to get out on the trails and tracks with her friends. “I don’t compete, I just love getting out with my friends, being outside and learning new skills often in beautiful places. I would like to do the Welsh Two day this year with my buddy Gemma and our fellas. I only hope to finish it and have a laugh.”

A newspaper summed up Steph as the ‘UK’s Most Extreme Mum’, with all her adventures and achievements. Going from extreme sport to sport, Ice Marathons, rock climbing and more certainly get you noticed! “Good old Daily Mail headlines... Honestly, once you have experience and if you have good guides then mountaineering and ultra marathons are not so extreme. It’s just about the right training. I believe most people with a decent fitness level could do these things. Endurance sport is mostly in the mind. I started doing these things to give myself a purpose in my fitness and I love being outdoors.”

Steph’s daughter is also keen to get in on the extreme sports action: “She loves motocross, skiing, and sailing. Climbing sometimes but sometimes she can have a moment halfway up. I want her to find her own way with sport. I just do my thing and if she wants to get involved she is always welcome and encouraged but I don’t push her. I love sharing these things with her, she is a perfect little partner in crime. I don’t know how long it will last though!”

There’s always a new project on the horizon with Steph and into the new year, she’s looking at a host of different projects and goals. “I want to do another ultra marathon next year and I want to start to race Flat track with the DTRA next season.” Steph will definitely be dropping by our HQ in 2020, so keep a lookout for her and her trusty Mutt on the city streets!

This article features in our first issue of MMM

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