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Carve Your Own Path | Elliot Dee & Dillon Lewis

Reaching out to the Mutt community and getting an insight into their life riding out on the open road is always key for us. Hearing the stories, tales and shenanigans that Mutt riders get up to makes us tick - keeping things fresh and enabling us to push things forward.

This time around in our Carve Your Own Path series, we caught Welsh Rugby World Cup stars Elliot Dee & Dillon Lewis on a ride to our Cardiff Mutt dealer, Motomusic.

We then chatted across the world (through the medium of modern technology) with them during their downtime at the team hotel in Japan. 

We got a look into Elliot and Dillon’s lives out on the open road with exclusive interviews with the Welsh rugby trailblazers. In between training, games and World Cup duty, the lads made time to chat with us about all things Mutt, Rugby and more

Elliot's first foray into Mutt ownership has come in the form of the Mutt Green Hilts: A 125cc beauty that's smart, understated and pretty damn cool whilst maintaining that mean Mutt stance. From city-smashing to country-cruising, its' deep green matte finish captured Elliot, and he's now smitten with his jamming machine.

 “After seeing Ellis Genge post about the bikes i got in touch through that”, Elliot tells us. A Mutt was always the way forward for Dillon as well. Dillon, a Fat Sabbath owner, needed a rock n roll machine with street credibility and style wrapped up into one retro-inspired bike. “Cruising around town is top of the list” for Dillon outside of rugby aboard his Mutt. He’s already taken into account that “quite a few of my teammates and mates back home have said they want one! They love the look of it.” Dillon is always up for a city cruise. 

With Mutt ownership, there's regularly a knock-on effect with your mates. They see yours and they want one! As Elliot describes, “My first steps of owning a bike were when I saw some of the England rugby lads buying Mutts, and got I touch with Paddy who was great.” As with a lot of new discoveries, Instagram was the platform that Elliot first set eyes on one of our machines and played a part in Dillon’s love of the brand too.

It wouldn't be a Carve Your Own Path feature without some funny motorcycle stories from out on the road. “Not knowing I couldn’t fill the fuel tank to the top and having to empty half of it on the floor to get it going again,” being top of the list for Dillon. Debates break out across the training pitch as Elliot lets us into the “couple of arguments about who’s got the nicest bike” that seems to be a common occurrence between teammates. Eluding to the fact that taking his Green Hilts out for a B-road blast is the perfect cure for the stresses and strains of professional and international rugby.

The practicality of playing Rugby and owning a Mutt seems to go hand in hand, as Elliot continues and describes how he regularly uses his Green Hilts to go to and from training. “Yeah, it's much easier to get through traffic to training in the morning, looks cool rocking up on a bike as well!” We agree, there's absolutely no better way of making an entrance!

2019 has been epic for both Dillon and Elliot, undoubtedly the highlight coming in the form of the Rugby World Cup in Japan. Dillon summed up the trip: “A very surreal moment running out on the pitch for my first World Cup game. Hospitality in Japan has been incredible, we had 15,000 people from Kitakyushu come and watch us train, It was then I realised how big the World Cup is.” Elliot added;“Japan has been great, obviously busy with training and playing but had plenty of down-time to explore the place, loads to do, food is unreal.”

Any chance of bringing us back a cheeky bottle of Sake lads?! 

Elliot, quick as a flash, says ”I’m sure I can fit one in the bag!”

Nice one gents! Good luck for RWC '19.

Malle Mile 2019 Carve Your Own Path | Rob Holiday

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