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Anthony Partridge X D*Face: Maddi's Mutt

There's nothing like building a bike for someone you care about. A huge understatement in the case of Anthony Partridge, who's latest two-wheeled build for Discoverys' Goblin Works Garage made even the sternest of greasy bikers shed a tear.  
Ant has over a decade of bike-building experience, and has been riding since he was just a nipper at 11 years old, so building his daughters first ride is a moment he's been waiting along time for. We're sure he's chuffed with it...

It all started with a Super-4 Gold edition 125cc Mutt. Ant - being Ant, couldn't let his daughters' first bike be a regular stock model, and the base of the lightweight & stylish Mutt was the perfect place to start.

The tank and side-panels he handed over to D*Face, a notorious and now well-established street artist who rarely turns his hand to private projects. You'll find D*Faces work in the form of giant murals occupying the walls of once boring buildings all around the world, from Miami to Vegas, even Colombia to the East End of London. 
In the meantime, Ant then got to work on the Mutts exhaust, opting to swap out our standard system. While Ant has the skills, he just doesn't always have the time (due to insane TV schedules) to fabricate everything with his own hands. So he asked his good mate Olly from Olliminium Auto Fabrication to craft the pipe to his own design, in 316 grade stainless steel.
We're chuffed to see a custom Mutt from a guy like Ant, and honoured to be the makers of the machine carrying his daughter's first foray into the motorcycling world.
Catch this custom Mutt on Goblin Works Garage, Season 2 Episode 9 on UKTV Quest.
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