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22 August 2023

Discovery, adventure + community

A rider's perspective of discovery, adventure and community

Tommy finally took the plunge and snagged himself a Mutt Motorcycles Mongrel 125cc in late March 2023, conquering years of self-doubt that had been holding him back from hitting the road on two wheels. Sure, safety was a concern, and he couldn't deny the timeless wisdom that says, "It's not you, it's other people." But let us tell ya, the first six weeks on his Mongrel 125cc turned his world upside down in the best way possible.

We tuned in with Tommy to hear his stories of the freedom he experiences on that bike and he says “it is on a whole other level”—whether he's tearing up the tarmac or just cruising along, soaking in the views. 

“Being able to hit the open road and experience true freedom while sharing content with this amazing community is where it’s at - just wish I started years ago and didn’t put it off!”

Any rider knows that when you get your first ride the community comes hand in hand.  The Mutt community is a wild bunch, filled with folks from all walks of life and corners of the globe, joined together by their love for the open road and the camaraderie it brings. We left it to the man himself to talk us through Mutt Life.

My introduction to Mutt Motorcycles came as a pleasant surprise. It was in the peak of summer in 2022, when I was just stepping into the world of two wheels, exploring my options and educating myself on motorcycles. YouTube was my go-to source for this self-education and among various channels, it was Freddie Dobbs' content that stood out. His passion for motorcycles was infectious and his review of Mutt bikes was not only educational but enticing, leading me to dig deeper into the brand. It was his charismatic depiction that acted as the gateway to my discovery of Mutt Motorcycles.


As a resident of central London, the daily grind and hustle are my usual backdrop. While it’s great for quick commutes to work, it certainly lacks the open road appeal that every motorcyclist craves. Fortunately, the Greater London area houses some incredibly picturesque and serpentine routes that provide a perfect escape. My favourite so far has been the rides through Surrey Hills and the Chiltern Hills. The scenery, the tranquillity, and the thrill of navigating the twisty roads provide an exhilarating experience that is difficult to put into words - it’s something every rider should experience for themselves.


Motorcycle enthusiasts are not just riders, they are a community - a tightly-knit family of individuals united by a shared passion for life on two wheels. What I adore about this community is the unmatchable sense of togetherness. We are globally connected, sharing our experiences, our stories, and our love for the ride. The magic of the online platform is that it not only bridges geographic gaps, but also allows for shared appreciation of each other's content. The communal meet-ups are a physical manifestation of this digital unity - a chance to come together, share laughs and stories of chaos from our various rideouts. The camaraderie is tangible, the enthusiasm is infectious, and it is an absolute thrill to be a part of it.


Owning a motorcycle in London is nothing short of a blessing. Initially, my apprehensions about road safety in a bustling city like ours were high, but experience has taught me that smart and patient riding is the key to not only staying safe but also enjoying the ride. I've come to appreciate the convenience of my motorcycle commute - my usual 25-minute tube ride to work shrinks to a breezy 15-minute ride, punctuated by the thrill of manoeuvring through city traffic. Free parking within the City of London is the icing on the cake. As for maintenance, Mutt bikes are impressively user-friendly. Both servicing and running costs are efficiently low, making the whole ownership experience hassle-free and rewarding.


The dream ride for me has always been a road trip across the vibrant landscapes of Morocco. I'm enthralled by the idea of traversing the country on my motorcycle, soaking in the panoramic scenery, immersing myself in the rich culture and savouring the tantalising local cuisine. A Moroccan journey promises a medley of terrains and challenges, which I believe, would make the ride an unforgettable adventure. The thrill of exploration, the freedom of the open road, and the joy of riding are what I envisage when I think of my dream ride.

Tommy can't help but wonder why he didn't jump on this bandwagon ages ago. But hey, better late than never, right?

Follow Tommy's journey on Instagram @itstommysteel

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