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09 August 2023

Eagles Knievel

Rock and roll with the gritty charm of life on the road and the flair of a killer wardrobe.

Rock and roll with the gritty charm of life on the road and the flair of a killer wardrobe, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure with our long-time friends, Eagles of Death Metal.

After a well earned day off tearing around on a couple of Mutt Motorcycles, our long time friends Eagles of Death Metal invited us to join the band at Teddy Rocks festival. Of course we were more than happy to join the party, Mutts in tow. 

Jorma soon caught us up on what they’d been up to the day before. ”We had a blast getting lost on backroads and eventually made it to the Sammy Miller Museum which was just mind blowing. Highly recommended for anyone with even the slightest interest in motorcycles.”

Hitting the road from last night's digs on twin RS-13s to Charisworth farm. Lead singer Jessie Hughes and Drummer Jorma Vik were rockin’ the hairpin bends of the English countryside, the bright yellow rapeseed fields as the backdrop.

Jorma let us know about hittin’ the road post pandemic “Throwing myself back into it certainly took some adjusting to, physically and mentally. I was especially grateful for days off that I could jump on a bike and enjoy some of the British and European countryside. That said, it was wonderful to see rooms and fields full of people with smiling faces. You could tell people were very excited to get out of the house and shake their butts.”

We land at the festival and Jesse exclaims “I LOVE THESE BIKES” with dust clouds following him as he whipped the RS-13 up the narrow dirt path that followed the front of the artists green rooms, it had us all itching to jump on and join him.

Jorma eagerly tells us about growing up riding dirt bikes before he got into music. “After discovering my love for the drums I decided to pursue that further and put away the motorcycles. Having turned music into a career and spending the majority of my time on the road I needed an activity to keep me out of trouble when I was between tours at home so I got back into motorcycling. The love came back instantly and turned into borderline obsession.”

Jesse pipes up “so when can I get my own one in the US?” As you all know we are working on it, we promise. But just to let ya know Jesse has claimed the first Mutt when we land stateside. We asked, what would you call it? “EAGLES KNIEVEL!” as he pulled out a replica Evel jumpsuit from his wardrobe. Gifted to him from the Knievel family. 

Where would your first ride be? “I’d go from my house toward Santa Monica. Stop, give Tuesday a kiss on the cheek and then I would head down the five to Highway 74 so I can take it over the mountains into Palm Springs. From there I’ll take it straight up the 10 freeway to the Highway 60 and go straight to Joshua tree”

What about you, Jorma?

“I’m particularly fond of a road called the 33. It starts at the coast in Ventura and winds its way up 8500 ft into the mountains over the course of 50 miles. It’s got a little bit of everything - ‘sweepers', ‘twisties’ and probably even some other goofy words motorcyclists adhere to also! Watch out for those ‘cagers' crossing the double yellows!”

While the 33 and Joshua Tree awaits, kitted out in Mutt Apparel Jesse and Jorma rode off for a pre-show burn out in the open fields surrounding the festival grounds. Jesse, living up to his nickname ‘Father Badass’ added a touch of Evel Knievel flair to the occasion by donning his iconic Evel Knievel jacket. In the midst of live bands performing in the background, the unmistakable sound of the roaring RS-13s filled the air. As Jesse and Jorma put these remarkable machines through their paces, a wave of adrenaline surged through our veins.

In true rock 'n' roll style, Jessie rode our RS-13 on stage, paying tribute to the rebel spirit. With the anthem "BORN TO BE..." blaring, the crowd went "WIIILLLDD." The RS-13 backdrop marked EoDM's first pyro show and bike entrance, leaving us eager for what's next. A breathtaking performance that defined the essence of rock 'n' roll magic.

A night of pure rock 'n' roll magic left us eagerly wondering what's next for this audacious band and Mutt Motorcycles.

Jesse and Jorma didn’t willingly hand back the Mutts but while they were reassured they are stored safe and sound back at our HQ in Birmingham Jesse continues… “I believe in this bike, it’s so rad, GET IT TO THE US”.

We sure as hell will be shouting about it when we land in the USA. If you wanna be amongst the first to know when we are stateside sign up to our mailing list LINK

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