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Cooking Up A Storm

Boundary-pushing photographer Edward Cooke has years experience in and around the film industry, from fashion campaigns to commercial brands, world-renowned musicians and some of the world’s top tier publications.

We chatted through all things Motorcycling & life with Ed to get an insight into his life of riding and being out on the open road.Photographer Ed Cooke rides the Mutt GTSS 125Being a creative and riding a Mutt go hand in hand, the freedom of being out on the open road and exploring new locations and spots. This is key for Ed: “I started a new project called ‘At Arms Reach’ which is mostly images of locations that I find via my motorbike. My life is different after getting on a bike, I am seeing more, therefore creating more.” As we well know, there’s always new journeys of discovery to be had on a Mutt.

Ed makes the most of this as he explains: “I wanted to have a different experience from getting A to B. I’ve always enjoyed driving, but riding has a different quality, you feel much more connected to your surroundings, be it smells, weather and the road.” Nothing is quite the same once you’ve got two wheels under you, as any rider can vouch.Photographer Ed Cooke rides the Mutt GTSS 125

“Seeing more of the city is key, I’ve lived in London for about 6 years and always ended up on the tube, so being out and about in the open is a refreshing way to travel. The best ride I’ve been on is probably one time in my home town. I was cruising through the countryside without any means of direction or destination and stumbled across this real nice car in the middle of a field. I had my camera on me and set upshot, it hangs on my wall now and also the trigger for an ongoing project.”

The hustle and bustle of city life can be a pressure cooker sometimes. Moving from place to place is easy through public transport, but being out on the roads is a different kettle of fish. The neighbourhoods you find and hold in memory are found through cruising, not tubing!Photographer Ed Cooke rides the Mutt GTSS 125

Ed holds country riding close to his heart, however, linking back to his hometown: “I’d say riding in the country over the capital, but getting anywhere in the city on a bike is without a doubt the quickest way."

With such a creative lifestyle, Ed sets himself goals and targets for every new project. “I don’t have a greatest achievement per se, but hitting goals I set myself, whether that be collaborating with a certain person or brand is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. I’m very lucky to travel with work quite often, so that and a mixture of walking in a new city is great."

See you out on the road soon, Ed.

You can follow Ed & see his work on Instagram @edwardcooke

Ed is featured riding our GT-SS 125. Check out the details over in our bikes section.

This story is also featured in our brand new magazine. MMM#001 is available to read now.

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